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Adoption Application
Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued pet.  Please copy this page to an e-mail, answer all questions, then e-mail your fully completed application
to 3B Rescue at

Phone #:

Best time to contact:

Interested in (name of dog):

Do you:       Rent       Own
(If rent, do you have written permission to obtain a pet?)

Landlord's name and phone number:

Veterinarian (Name, address and phone number):

Family Members (Names and ages):

Family Pets(species, age, spayed or neutered):

Daily time with dog:

Work hours:

Activities interested in:

Do you have a fenced yard:
if YES: what type and height?

Size of yard:

Pet's living quarters:  
Previous Pet History (past pets and reasons for no longer having them):

Do you understand that adopting a pet is a commitment of 10-15 years?
YES     NO

Do you commit to obtaining proper medical care and upkeep of vaccinations and heartworm preventive?   YES     NO

Do you understand that dogs are a part of the family and should have access to living in the house and becoming a family member?
YES      NO

Have you adopted a pet from a shelter or a rescue group before?
YES     NO

If YES, please give details and name of shelter/rescue: